Building Community. Providing Mentorship. Cultivating Leadership.

Leading PT was created to connect purposeful, aspiring PrePTs and SPTs seeking the tools and resources necessary to find their true value in the field of physical therapy.

This profession requires people who are passionate, empathetic, and personable. As future physical therapists we have the opportunity to create an everlasting impact on our patients. Even then, there are numerous apathetic students around the nation getting into Doctor of Physical Therapy programs. Will you take the steps necessary to engrave yourself in a DPT program and help weed out those who are undeserving? Will you do what's necessary to become a leading physical therapy student? 

If you are a PrePT student, be sure join our FREE PrePT Mentorship Group. This community consists of live interviews with former PT students explaining their paths to becoming a DPT, live Q&A's, and much more!

Jose Martinez, PT , DPT

Jose is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and original founder of Leading PT. He graduated from Florida International University's DPT program in July 2018, and received his CSCS through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2017. 

Prior to that, he endured his fair share of hardships and, because of this, he has sought out to help as many students as possible as they embark on their journeys to becoming leading physical therapists.

Victor Garcia, SPT

Victor is the co-founder of Leading PT and a DPT Student at Florida International University expecting to graduate in July of 2020.

After a bumpy application cycle, he’s now looking to help people avoid making the same mistakes that he made in his pursuit to becoming a Physical Therapist.


"With the help and guidance of Leading PT, I have been equipped to discover and develop my path in Physical Therapy through the PrePT mentorship group. This group has opened my eyes to the fact that I do not stand alone in this process - it has fueled my confidence to better prepare and present myself through the sense of community it offers."
Vincent Hernandez
"Leading PT has helped me tremendously. Whenever I have questions or concerns, I always go to the mentorship group page because most of the time they have already addressed my questions. This group has helped prepare me on my journey to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy and eased some of my worries about applying."
Amy Michelle Potthast

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