1-on-1 Coaching Consultation by Leading PT

1-on-1 Coaching Consultation

While we aim to provide as much value as possible to all of our students, we realize that every single one of you is different -- your story, your background, your passion. They're all individual and unique to YOU.

Through this coaching call, we will go through your application and go over any topic(s) that you need to discuss and get you on the right track to work towards PT school acceptance.


I thought it was very helpful with keeping me on track for applications. Jose shared a lot of great information that I was unaware of, even after being on pre-PT pages and forums for over a year. Jose was genuine and it truly felt like he had my best interest in mind, as well as the best interest of all students. Overall, I’m truly thankful for this service and would recommend it to friends who are feeling a little lost in their PT applications. Thank you!
Kelly Nguyen
I am so happy that I got a chance and opportunity to talk with Victor. I was feeling unsure of myself about applying this cycle and was feeling doubtful about what I had done so far. He was straight forward, professional and personable! He broke everything down for me and made me see the big picture. He knows what he's talking about and super genuine. I feel better about applying this cycle!! I highly recommend anyone to do the 1-on-1 coaching call. Invest in you , invest in Leading PT!! Thanks Victor!!
Nikki Betlazar