Application Builder

A comprehensive, all-in-one course consisting of 20 videos that cover exactly what programs are looking for in prospective students and how to approach every single aspect of your pre-PT application.


I thought Application Builder was a great resource for me. I learned so much about the PTCAS application and how to approach it. The content from both Victor and Jose was amazing. Thank you both for providing this course. I’m definitely looking forward to this upcoming cycle.
Brian Buitrago
I would highly recommend the Application Builder course. It's a one stop shop for everything you need to know. This is a course that I didn't know I needed until I took it. I really enjoyed taking it and I think you will too! If you're looking for an investment in your future and looking to go from a Pre-PT to a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student, this would be an awesome place to start!
Kaelyn Wagner
Application Builder is a great course. From how it is organized to the explanation they give. I really appreciate what Victor and Jose do for the Pre-PT community. Looking forward to applying this cycle.
Oscar Cifuentes
Listen to what Kaelyn Wagner had to say after completing our Application Builder course. She took this course during her Sophomore year! It's never too soon to start building your application.


Module 1: Stepping Into Their Shoes
1.1 Getting What You Want By Giving What They Want.mp4
11 mins
1.2 The GPA Vicious Cycle.mp4
13 mins
1.3 The GRE Correlation.mp4
16 mins
1.4 Why Are Observation Hours Important.mp4
17 mins
1.5 What Your Experiences Say About You.mp4
25 mins
1.6 The Reliable Testimonial.mp4
12 mins
1.7 Interviewing for an Interview.mp4
9 mins
1.8 The Interview Solution.mp4
13 mins
Module 2: Building Your Application
2.1 Where Do YOU Need To Start.mp4
51 mins
2.2 Picking the Perfect Major.mp4
22 mins
2.3 GPA.mp4
17 mins
2.4.1 GRE pt 1.mp4
40 mins
2.4.2 GRE pt 2.mp4
38 mins
2.5 Observation Hours Stitch.mp4
37 mins
2.6 Letters of Recommendation.mp4
33 mins
2.7 Experienes.mp4
19 mins
2.8 PTCAS Essay.mp4
13 mins
2.9 Resumé Workshop.mp4
8 mins
2.10 Gap Years.mp4
24 mins
2.11 Campus Visits.mp4
25 mins
Affiliate Marketing
Becoming A Leading PT Affiliate
7 mins