Mastering the PT School Interview by Leading PT

Mastering the PT School Interview

A step-by-step course on how to significantly improve your chances of turning an interview into an acceptance.

Overview of Course

1. A 4 module course built to best prepare you for the biggest interview of your life. Video content will be composed of:
  • Performing a strength and weakness assessment
  • Gaining insight on questions asked during PT school interviews
  • The biggest key to turning an interview into an acceptance
  • Much more!

2. Personalized mock interviews. Yes, mock interviews are a huge component of the course! 1-on-1 mock interviews with me and elaborate feedback on your performance with tips for improvement.

3. The Mastering the PT School Interview community group. A select group of like-minded PrePT students who share the same common goal as you - to get into their program of choice. This will be an excellent networking opportunity and consist of an exclusive group of members.

4. Personal Mentoring on Your Journey. Gain access to my personal phone number and exchange texts through your whole PrePT journey. 


Everything about the interview course was great!! I have honestly learned SO much from Victor and Jose and I am so very grateful!! It’s all of the little things that you guys provide that will set us students apart during the interview. I also think the strengths and weaknesses assessment was a great idea because it’s really good to be aware of where my application may stand in certain aspects against other applicants, and it helps to think of potential questions the interviewer may ask ahead of time! I will definitely do the interview course again as my time to apply comes closer.
Kaelyn Wagner
The course itself was SO helpful. There's obviously a lot to be done to prepare for interviews and it was overwhelming not knowing where to start but the course broke everything down so simply and was easy to follow. What helped me a lot was assessing my strengths and weaknesses because I had no idea where I stood on the strength of my app. As I was going through the point system, I realized I have a pretty strong, well-rounded app which also boosted my confidence. I also liked that it gave us an idea of what expect as far as different interview formats and questions to be prepared for. In all, it was definitely worth it for me and it eased my nerves.
Brenda Altamira
Joey Mohler took our course in June 2018 and is applying for PT school during the 2018-2019 PTCAS cycle. Tune in here to find out what he has to say about the Mastering the PT School Interview course!
Emily Berman did not hear back from her school of choice after applying to PT school. She messaged us asking whether she should contact the program to ask about her pending application. After e-mailing the school, she received an interview! Luckily, she took our course and was an interview expert before stepping in. Check out what she had to say about the Mastering the PT School Interview Course! 

What's included?

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4 mins
Module 1
1.1 Strength and Weakness Assessment
17 mins
Module 2
2.1 The Questions You Must Have Answered Before Interview Day
20 mins
2.1 Attachment
102 KB
2.2 Do Your Research
12 mins
2.3 What to Expect on Interview Day
9 mins
2.4 Understanding Interview Formats
20 mins
2.5 How to Approach Your Questions On Interview Day
12 mins
2.6 What Do PT Schools Look for in Potential Students
20 mins
Module 3
3.1 The Biggest Key to Having a Successful Interview
25 mins
3.2 Resumé Template Video
7 mins
3.2 Attachment
118 KB
3.3 Sealing the Deal
20 mins
Module 4
4.1 Mock Interview Prep
9 mins
Affiliate Marketing
Becoming A Leading PT Affiliate
7 mins