Pre-PT Starter Kit by Leading PT

Pre-PT Starter Kit

This guide will teach you all of the major components of your pre-PT application. If your goal is to stand out once you decide to apply to PT school, then you'll need to have a thorough understanding of what programs are looking for. Look no further than this 100% free guide.


"I honestly can't believe I was able to get The Pre-PT Starter Kit for free. It's already taught me so much about my pre-PT journey and what I need to get done!"
Lili Guevara
"This is the perfect starter guide for students looking for more information on this pre-PT journey."
Brianna Pumariega
"This Pre-PT Starter Kit covers each major aspect of your pre-PT application and get's you started on exactly what you need to know about each."
Kelsey Segner
"This guide has given me the necessary knowledge to look at my entire pre-PT application and not be intimidated. This beats any meeting I've ever had with an advisor at my school!"
Vivian Pires