Smart Targeting by Leading PT

Smart Targeting

This is the method that we have created to ensure that you not only get into PT school, but also save time and money simultaneously.

Preparing your application is  half the battle when it comes to getting into PT school. The other half consists of choosing which schools to apply to -- something commonly overlooked by numberous pre-PTs.

This proven method is a game changer and will ensure that you are applying to programs that are the right fit for YOU! Stop leaving your future to chance and start Smart Targeting!

Smart Targeting Course Content

3 mins
1.1 What is Smart Targeting
5 mins
1.2 The 4 Key Factors to Consider
18 mins
1.3 Gathering the Information
30 mins
1.4 What Are the Odds
17 mins
1.5 The Final and Most Important Step
19 mins
3 mins
Smart Targeting List.pdf
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